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Waking up to the sound of a crashing garage door is the most unnerving experience that you as a homeowner can have. You’ll be lucky if you’re not there when this happens, however, till the time you reach the spot to assess the damage, there’s a high probability that the device would have collapsed by then.

Garage doors like all other household equipment work best when you take pro-active steps to maintain the device. The above scenario is avoidable given the condition that you don’t ignore garage door repair schedules. Your garage door is the heaviest equipment around and can inflict injuries upon you if you, unfortunately, get caught under the device while it is closing. Now this factor alone should be enough to prompt you to act.

We at Garage Door Repair, San Rafael can address all your garage door repair concerns in San Rafael, CA. We also provide preventive maintenance services. San Rafael, CA like most cities in California has a Mediterranean climate with August and December being the warmest and the coldest months respectively.

It is, therefore, advisable that you avoid planning maintenance activities during these two months as a sudden change in the temperature can make your garage door non-responsive to modifications.

Our professionals at Garage Door Repair, San Rafael, troubleshoot different garage door parts including the opener. Now the opener does not work in isolation. It consists of several sub-parts, of which the trolley is one of the most important components.

You can locate the device sitting atop the garage door connected through a linkage system. The device moves with the help of the chain and cable system to open and close the garage door.

Apart from handling awry trolleys we at Garage Door Repair, San Rafael also provide solutions to tackle following garage door repair issues in San Rafael, CA:

Garage Door Repair: Some repair problems are more urgent than others. Issues like broken springs and cables require immediate redressal due to the safety implications that they can have.

Contact our experts in San Rafael, CA whenever you face any problems in operating your garage door. These professionals will first conduct a visual inspection to ascertain the cause and extent of the problem. These technicians equip themselves with sophisticated tools and devices.

These are specific tools and differ from conventional equipment that you may use while handling other home improvement projects. Our professionals with the help of these devices will always achieve their target of providing a sustainable solution within the set timelines.

Garage Door Installation: You’ll have to take several factors into account while installing your garage door. For example, you’ll have to set the travel and force limits according to the weather at that time. Further, you’ll also have to make sure that the safety reversal mechanism is working fine. To make sure that no gaps exist, it is highly advisable that you consult our experts in San Rafael, CA.

Garage Door Replacement: Replacing your garage door is a mixture of the two tasks of uninstalling and installing the device (in the same order). Referring to the user manual will only be partially helpful as the job requires the application of subject-matter knowledge. You’re also not fully aware of the safety risks which can be detrimental especially given the fact that you need to deal with two oversized devices.

Garage Door Opener Repair/Install: Although the opener has no direct role to play in lifting your garage door, it is still a useful device. The equipment generates the force to control the distance to which the garage door opens and closes. Call us in San Rafael, CA whenever you’re unable to operate the device and our experts will make sure that you get a solution the same day.

Garage Door Spring Replacement: Did you know that the springs, not the opener do much of the lifting to open your garage door? The critical role that the device plays makes it one of the most important equipment that you should maintain without fail. We handle awry springs in San Rafael, CA and will replace them without you needing to compromise on safety and convenience factors.

Repair off-Track Garage Door: Tracks guide the movement of your garage door by regulating the rollers. When you call us to troubleshoot your off-track garage door, our experts will first examine the device. These professionals will repair any dents to help you get rid of the issue. However, if the equipment is beyond repairs our team will install a replacement of proper width and thickness to suit your requirements in San Rafael, CA.

Garage Door Panel Replacement: When panels sustain damage you’ll need to replace or repair them. Our professionals in San Rafael, CA are experts at diagnosing the extent of the damage and will repair the dents (if doing so will address the issue) or replace the device in case it is no longer fit to use.

Garage Door Roller Replacement: Worn/broken rollers are not capable of helping the garage door move swiftly. You may have to spend sleepless nights too as malfunctioning rollers emit unpleasant noises while in operation. It is due to these reasons that you should not waste any time in replacing them with a functional set.

Garage Door Cable Replacement: Cables hold the springs and retard the momentum at which they fall in case of malfunctions. Don’t handle broken/frayed cables as inept handling can cause further damage and also expose you to safety concerns.

Wireless Keypad: Wireless keypads are not mobile devices, unlike your garage door opener remote which you can carry anywhere. The equipment is suitable for those homeowners who have a habit of misplacing their remote. We can install one for you too if you find using the device a convenient proposition.

Garage Door Opener Remote: The remote helps you in regulating the functioning of your garage door opener from your car. Our professionals are adept at installing different variants and will help you make the full use of the device.

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